Unique Customization

Unique Software that Adapts to You

No company is the same, so no company should have to track and organize their information in the same way. Rent Manager® recognizes that our customers are unique, and so is your business. We provide several ways to mold your software to your specific needs and individual user’s requirements. Customize anything—including how reports and documents are generated, how your interface looks, and even what information is displayed in your software—on a user-by-user basis.

Your software should adapt to fit your needs,
not the other way around.

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Custom Dashboards: The Dashboard provides at-a-glance information about your data on the main screen of your Rent Manager software. You can personalize your dashboard by adding and removing widgets—including open service issues, financial data, delinquencies, and more. Each user account can have its own customized dashboard interface to display the information your employees need most.

Toolbar: Each user in your company can customize the toolbar (the navigation bar at the top of your Rent Manager window) to their specific needs. This gives you shortcuts to the features and functionalities you need and use most!

User Defined Fields (UDF): You can create a UDF for any information that may not be automatically collected by Rent Manager. Track any data you want—pet information, warranty expiration dates, rental applications, etc. The sky is the limit with User Defined Fields.

Custom Window Tabs: Create and display custom window tabs for each individual user depending on their requirements. Get quick access to the information you need most and efficiently streamline your software with Custom Tabs.

Custom Add Wizards: This feature allows you to create your own Add Wizards to better control the data that is being entered into your system. This enhancement allows you to add, remove, or reorganize fields from within the wizard. Take control of your information!