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BetterNOI provides technology-enabled solutions for Online Leasing, Resident Screening, Surety Bonds, and Renters Insurance. Together, these solutions provide visibility and control throughout the resident lifecycle.

Evaluate Your Screening Risk

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Three Sources Of Research

BetterNOI’s resident screening solution includes fee-based court searches for counties and states that do not report nationally.

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Robust, Engineered Criteria Models

Enjoy complete flexibility and control over your screening decisions with the huge selection of screening criteria options.

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Built-In Compliance

BetterNOI’s system automatically generates applicant offer and denial letters, helping you remain compliant.

Transform Your Online Presence Into A Powerful 24/7 Leasing Platform

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Fully Online Process

Their online leasing process streamlines the process of applying and completing move-in requirements.

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Intuitive Applicant Dashboard

Applicants, the Leasing Team, and Property Leadership can all track completion of critical move-in requirements in real time.

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Automatically Initiates Screening

Applicants can enjoy a streamlined, fully online application process that automatically initiates resident screening.

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