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Clyr automates your credit card expense management and accounts payable process, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Clyr captures receipts and matches them to transactions, properties, work orders, and owners. Clyr’s AP automation not only retrieves vendor and utility bills from their respective web portals but also features approval flows and next-day ACH payment. it automatically matches payments to the correct property, ensuring accuracy with no human intervention.

Fully-Automated Expense and AP Automation for Property Management

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Automated Matching & Reconciliation

Clyr saves time and money by automatically matching receipts and bills to transactions, properties, and owners. This feature significantly reduces manual effort and the potential for errors.

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Automatic Utility Bill Capture from Web Portals

Clyr will automatically retrieve utility and vendor bills directly from web portals. bill management, ensuring timely and accurate capture of expenses without manual data entry.

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Streamlined Approval Flows and Payments

Clyr offers streamlined robust approval flows and next-day ACH payment. By automatically matching payments with the right properties, providing a clear, organized financial overview.

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