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Boom integrates with Rent Manager to offer the an end-to-end software platform for property managers of any size to report rent payments the same day as sign-up. With Boom, automatically report positive-only payments or positive and negative payments to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Boom can be offered at zero-cost to you, enabling you to unlock new revenue, delight your residents, and improve on-time payment.

A Rent Manager Integration That Helps Your Renters Build Credit And You Earn New Revenue

All 3 Credit Bureaus

Report payments to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, with data reported weekly.

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Report Past Rental Payments

With Boom, report up to 24 months of prior rent history, with lease start dates even prior to that. This helps your residents maximize their credit impact and offers another way for you to monetize.

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Impact Reporting Dashboard

Measure key impact metrics, such as credit score improvements, with Boom’s Reports Dashboard, enabling you to generate ESG-tailored reports and investor memos.

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2-Click Simplicity

Enroll your entire portfolio with 2 clicks. That’s it. Monthly reporting is automatic (no work for you) unless a renter requires manual review, which takes (you guessed it) just 2 clicks to resolve.

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Consumer App + Free Credit Score

All enrolled renters can access the Boom app, where they can view their rent reporting history, access their free credit score, and troubleshoot issues directly.

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Earn New Revenue

With Boom, you control the pricing to your residents. Offer rent reporting as opt-in, opt-out, or required, and generate new ancillary revenue while serving the most renters possible.

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