Stake is an incentive optimization and resident empowerment platform. With Stake, owners and operators can offer cash back to their residents to incentivize key actions that help optimize NOI, such as paying rent on time, renewing a lease, moving in, and more. Owners can also offer free, no-fee financial services to residents, including Stake Credit Builder to help boost resident credit scores, Express Paycheck to allow residents to get their paycheck two days early, and more.

Outperform With Incentive Optimization & Free Financial Amenities

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Cash Back To Drive Renter Action

Offer cash back to incentivize move ins, renewals, timely payments, or whatever action you want your renters to take.

Real Cash, Not Points

Residents can access their Cash Back in the Stake mobile app, and transfer it to our 11,000+ connected banks and financial institutions.

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Stake Visa Debit

Instead of transferring, residents can request a Stake Visa Debit card, which comes with a free, FDIC-insured checking account with a 4.5% interest rate.

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Free Financial Amenities

Residents earn 1% cash back on all purchases made with Stake Visa Debit. They can also receive their paycheck two days early with Stake Express Paycheck, and more.

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Free Credit Reporting

Stake can report on-time rental payments to the credit bureaus to help boost your residents’ credit scores, at no cost to the renter.

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Insights & Data To Out-Perform

As Stake learns about how your renters respond to Cash Back, you’ll receive insights and recommendations to optimize NOI and outperformance.

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