LeaseTerm Solutions

LeaseTerm Solutions

LeaseTerm Solutions specializes in risk management for the multifamily industry using two products:  LeaseProtect, their security deposit alternative and AssetProtect, their legal liability product. AssetProtect is an alternative to a typical Renters insurance policy offering the broadest coverage, lowest price and highest ancillary revenue.

LeaseProtect will increase recoveries from lost rent, damages and other lease violations by over 200%, on average, compared to a traditional security deposit.

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The AssetProtect Difference

  • The AssetProtect policy offers all standard endorsements plus contents coverage, pet damage, bed bug/mold remediation and many other endorsements at one low price.

AssetProtect Participation & Ancillary Revenue

  • Depending on the platform, achieve 60% to 100% resident participation, and ancillary revenue averaging $24 to $48 per unit per year. Both are multiples of industry norms.

The LeaseProtect Difference

  • LeaseProtect generates high recoveries by using our proprietary analytics and market leading revenue split.

The LeaseTerm Solutions Difference

  • LeaseTerm’s team of experienced professionals in the multifamily industry will customize a solution for you. Use either products independently or combine the two for maximum benefit.

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