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Don’t waste time printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending. With a couple clicks, MailFuze automates the costly and time-consuming process of sending regular First Class®, Certified Mail®, or Priority Mail Express®. MailFuze also allows users to charge tenants and/or owners for mailings—transforming your mailing expense into newfound revenue.

Send Certified Mail, Priority Mail, and First Class Mail seamlessly through MailFuze

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Generate Mailing Revenue

By allowing users to charge tenants and/or owners for mailings, MailFuze transforms your mailing expense into newfound revenue.

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Multiple Mailing Options

Send Certified, Priority, and First Class mail with a couple of clicks.

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Save Time and Money

Mail hundreds of letters in seconds, not hours!

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Certified Mail

The ultimate solution for senders wanting full-tracking details of the letter, from mailing through delivery.

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Confirmation of Mailing

Need to show “proof of mailing” when sending mail?  The confirmation of mailing (CoM) is your most cost-effective option.

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Return Envelopes

Want to simplify a response from your tenants? Including a return envelope in your mailing does that!

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Jesse McCue
Maine Real Estate Management
Rent Manager Testimonial Left Quotation Mark
MailFuze has been a HUGE time- and money-saver for MREM. We can now quickly process all types of mail (First Class, Certified, etc.) and through the seamless integration with Rent Manager, the cost of each mailing is automatically billed to the correct property. Additionally, the letter—along with a Proof of Mailing—is saved in the appropriate history/notes. Our entire team loves MailFuze!
Rent Manager Testimonial Right Quotation Mark