Metron Sustainable Services

Metron Sustainable Services submetering system provides the owner water consumption data necessary to better serve residents, detect and manage issues, and conserve water—all while increasing community revenue. Greatly reduce the risk of leaks and pinpoint damaged infrastructure with their turnkey solution for mobile home parks and multi-family communities.

Water management solutions give you full control of your most valuable resource. Water usage data is captured every five minutes with the industry’s best submeter and proprietary software: innov8-VN and Waterscope.

From installation to invoicing, Metron Sustainable Services offers solutions for rapid and fair individual water bills from your existing management tools.

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  • Install a submeter outside each home to monitor water consumption data.


  • View down-to-the-drop water use for every household with WaterScope.


  • Detect leaks, fix problems, and invoice residents for only the water they use.

Visit the Metron website for more information.