Utility Reader

Utility Reader

The Utility Reader app directly connects with the Utility Register in Rent Manager and allows you to enter gas, water, and electric meter readings from your Android phone directly into Rent Manager.

Eliminate the need for route sheets, outdated hand-held meter reading devices, importing/exporting files, and dual entry. This is the same utility reading app used by major utility companies like Navitas Utility, Southwestern Utility Management, Fort Cobb Fuel Authority, LeAnn Gas, and many more to slash reading times, reading errors, and costs associated with reading meters.

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Visit the Utility Reader website for more information.
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Reduce Meter Reading Time

  • When you enter a reading on your phone, it goes directly to Rent Manager, slashing the time typically required to read meters and enter them into your billing software.

Reduce Misreads

  • The app will calculate the usage right on the reading screen so you can double-check your reading in real time before moving on to the next meter.

Enter Readings from Multiple Meter Types from a Single Screen

  • Enter gas, water, and electric meter readings for the same tenant in the same screen.

Automatic Updates/Easily Transfers to a New Device

  • Since the app is on the Google Play Store, it automatically updates itself and is easily loaded onto any Android 9.0 or above device.

Visit the Utility Reader website for more information.