Expand your Software Capabilities

The more Rent Manager® does for you, the more you can accomplish. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to expand the program’s capabilities and make Rent Manager the one software you need to operate your business.

Our carefully selected integrated resources deliver a variety of services that can improve your productivity and profitability. Whether fully integrated into Rent Manager or provided through API communication, these capabilities are provided by companies you’ll recognize as leaders in their fields.

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Expand your software capabilities.

Rent Manager offers customers two ways to integrate their software with third-party systems: Integrated Partners and API Vendors.

  • Integrated Partners are fully integrated with Rent Manager, offering a seamless user experience. Users never have to leave the software in order to use the features of our integrated partners.
  • API Partners have the ability to read and write all data to and from Rent Manager. Users will use Rent Manager and the API vendor software to communicate with one another and create a simplified and expanded user experience.