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Esusu builds financial stability for renters and properties through tools like rent reporting, rent relief, and social impact reporting. Our services integrate directly into Rent Manager, taking the work off your on-site and administrative teams. Learn more about Esusu’s services used by 65% of NMHC Top Owners and Operators like Related Companies, BH, and Asset Living.

Empower residents while improving property outcomes

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Rent Reporting

Report on-time rent payments through Esusu to all three credit bureaus through our integration with Rent Manager. Rent reporting can increase collections while helping renters build credit.

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Rent Relief

Rent relief through Esusu’s partnership with the Stable Home Fund provides renters access to 0% interest loans paid to the property manager, helping reduce delinquencies and avoid costly evictions.

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Social Impact Reporting

Measure and report the key social impact metrics that support a stronger ESG strategy. The Esusu dashboard has data sets for reporting in investor letters, GRESB, and other ESG disclosures.

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