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Aargh Software lets you deliver better resident service with less effort. Email2CRM is simple Outlook and Gmail inbox management for Rent Manager. Easily create Service Tickets and History/Notes for tenants, owners, properties, etc. from your emails, and include attachments like PDFs and JPGs. Turn a 3-minute effort into a 3-second task!

Aargh Software’s NOTIFY!!! is like a communication assistant. When someone [Saves] a Service Issue in Rent Manager, Aargh automatically sends personalized “Created,” “Updated,” and “Closed” emails to the resident.

Deliver Better Resident Service With Simple Email Inbox Management And Automatic Service Emails

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175,000 Emails Processed On Behalf Of Firms

To date, Aargh Servers have automatically created 43K service tickets, 45K history/notes, and sent 86K “New, Updated, and Close” email notifications to residents on behalf of our clients.*153% increase over 4 months in test case. Results will vary.

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153% Increase In Service Ticket Usage

With Email2CRM’s simplicity of setup and use, firms can see a dramatic increase in Service Ticket usage, time savings, accuracy, and better/more efficient service response.

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5.4 Resident Emails Sent Per Service Issue

NOTIFY!!! offers “High-Touch Resident Service Communication.” On average, 5.4 emails are automatically sent to residents per service issue from creation to close. Better service, no extra effort.

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Over 5,000 Hours Of Admin Time Saved

Real-time savings and better service. We estimate 3 minutes are saved per Email2CRM email processed, and 30 seconds are saved for each NOTIFY!!! notification email sent.

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Email "Out Of Your Inbox" And "Into Rent Manager"

Email2CRM gets all your email data and attachments out of your inbox and into Rent Manager helping with efficiency, team collaboration, automated processes, reporting, management, and more.

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Simple Setup And Use, With Unique "Re-Open" Link

NOTIFY!!! email notification templates are ready to go out-of-the-box—with no configuration required—and look great on mobile. And our unique “Re-Open” link in the “Close” email keeps residents happy.

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Brian LeBow
Bell Properties
Rent Manager Testimonial Left Quotation Mark
Communication is key to success, and in a busy property management office it's one of the most challenging aspects of our 'to-do' list; NOTIFY!!! makes it simple and easy to send updates that make our tenants feel well-informed and connected every step of the way, throughout the maintenance scheduling and closure process. Aargh makes us look good and we love Aargh!
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