With a PointCentral enterprise smart home solution, your property management company can control access, temperature and more for any number of properties – all from a central location.

PointCentral cellular-based keyless Smart Home solutions give you visibility and control of all your properties, even when unoccupied. Our enterprise-class system enables unattended showings, real-time remote access control, and reduced theft of assets thanks to motion sensors and automated alerts. You eliminate unreliable key boxes, reduce your HVAC costs, improve tenant retention and reduce turn time.

PointCentral is a subsidiary of Alarm.com, a leading provider of security and smart home solutions for millions of customers.

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Delight Guests and Improve Operations with Keyless Access

  • Guests prefer the convenience of keyless since they can go directly to their property to start their vacation without having to wait in line for a key. And there’s no need to return a key when leaving. Going keyless increases staff productivity since cleaners, inspectors and maintenance teams don’t need to pick up and return keys.

Reduce Costs and Extend HVAC Life with Smart Thermostats

  • Automatically set thermostats to energy-saving mode upon departure and to comfortable level for arrivals, saving as much as 15% on energy every month. For all your properties, limit the high/low settings and receive alerts if temperature exceeds thresholds. Track the performance of HVAC units and identify maintenance issues before costly failures.

Visit the PointCentral website for more information