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Purchasing Platform is the only marketplace that supports property management across all real estate sectors. Property staff realize huge cost savings from trusted vendors by placing operational and capital orders with automated coding to their P&L. Supervisors approve those orders and benefit from increased compliance, product standardization, and insightful analytics.

Purchasing Platform Empowers You To Save Big With Vendors You Trust

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Order products from 70+ negotiated vendor catalogs (add your own, too!) via our single-point-of-checkout solution!

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Cost Savings & Compliance

Benefit from cost savings of 9-38% and build a corporate catalog to drive product standardization across your portfolio!

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Four Levels Of Amazing Support

No “Bots” here! We have an amazing team of people that respond in seconds and make your life a little easier every day!

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Analytics & Visibility

Detailed visualizations help you understand where and how your portfolio’s purchasing habits can be improved!

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Buying Desk Support

Think of it as a virtual purchasing assistant that gets you volume quotes, locates hard-to-find products, and more!

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Customization & Control

Add approval workflows, specify preferred vendors or products, and deploy smart rules to reduce rogue spending habits!

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Purchasing Platform Logo
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