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RemoteLock’s universal access control platform simplifies remote access management for multifamily properties. RemoteLock delivers unmatched flexibility with ever-expanding integrations to leading smart lock brands, property management resources, and other multifamily technology solutions. RemoteLock enables multifamily operators to conveniently manage property access, automate time-consuming tasks, and eliminate the hassle of keys for good.

Make Turnovers A Breeze With Automated Access For Residents & Turnover Staff

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Save Time During Turnovers

Automate property access for residents, vendors, and inspectors during unit turnovers.

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Eliminate Swiveling Between Systems

Once the integration is set up, you continue to work normally within Rent Manager. Data syncs between the two to fully automate access. No more switching between different systems.

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Simplify Access Across Your Entire Property

Quickly configure access needs for the entire property from a single application. Main entrances, gates, garages, common areas, amenity spaces, and resident units—cover every door from one platform.

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Enhance Property Safety

With randomly generated, time-bound access codes, the potential for human error and unintended access to a unit is eliminated.

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Mix-n-Match Credentials

No two properties are alike. That’s why RemoteLock works with key cards and fobs, PINs, and mobile. Choose one credential, or mix and match. RemoteLock accommodates them all on one flexible system.

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Enjoy Unparalleled Choice & Flexibility

RemoteLock’s platform manages more lock hardware (both smart locks and hardwired access systems) than any other access control solution on the market, bringing you unparalleled choice and flexibility.

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