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Developing an effective resident screening program can be a complex and detailed undertaking. Despite this, it can add value by saving money and increasing revenue for your company. AmRent offers a wide range of innovative solutions that deliver quality data, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Rent Manager’s integration with AmRent enables you to conduct resident screenings from within the software and make educated leasing decisions in a matter of minutes. This advanced screening feature gives you the ability to check a prospect’s criminal, eviction, and credit history prior to entering into a rental agreement.

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With AmRent, Your Goals are Their Goals

  • Rent Manager’s integration with AmRent provides you with resources to find qualified applicants, reliable residents, and improve occupancy. AmRent’s advanced tools make it easier for you to successfully maneuver through the resident screening process.

Safeguard your Community by Reducing Risks

  • Fully integrated into Rent Manager, AmRent provides affordable, fact-based information to help build a foundation of resident excellence. AmRent’s advanced screening resources enable you to evaluate prospective residents in a matter of seconds via Rent Manager’s web-based platforms or the Apply Now feature.

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