ePremium Insurance™ is a gold standard in renters insurance program management. Offering top-notch technology, product, and process innovation to redefine the way renters insurance works for property management. ePremium has designed custom products with enhanced coverages that work to deflect common profit leaks from resident-caused damage away from the property asset and onto renters insurance.

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Enhanced Insurance Products

  • ePremium created a more comprehensive renters insurance policy to address frequently occurring unit damages and plug in some of the most common exclusions found in traditional renters insurance policies, like: pet damage, carpet iron burns, cigarette burns, water damage, and bed bug remediation.

Tracking & Monitoring

  • ePremium will track and monitor not only all ePremium policies, but also 3rd party policies, will alert property staff when status change or pending cancellation notices are received, and can trigger auto-compliance notifications to the resident(s) in default in addition to placing backup liability coverage on the unit.

Customer Service

  • ePremium provides quality support for your property teams and residents. All resident support is handled in-house by our experienced team of Customer Service Representatives and not sent to large insurance carrier call centers. Your property teams are supported by ePremium’s dedicated Account Management team who will work with staff on an ongoing basis to ensure the ePremium program is achieving maximum results.

Visit the ePremium website for more information.