SimpleBills has grown from a class project into a thriving utility management company. Since its inception in 2008, SimpleBills has expanded to serve in over 170 markets in 46 states across the U.S. for student and conventional housing. Their complete utility management service helps property management companies and owners conserve resources and realize efficiencies with data-based decisions.

SimpleBills offers a complete utility management solution that can fit your portfolio and provide residents with a customer service experience they can be proud of.

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Bill AND Collect

  • SimpleBills receives, invoices, and collects utility payments directly from residents. In doing so, they eliminate prefunding and free up operating cash flow for the property.

Customer Service

  • Every property has an account manager to proactively manage utilities to optimize utility recovery and accuracy every month. For the residents, SimpleBills offers a dedicated customer service center seven days a week to address all questions regarding their utilities.

Property and Resident Portal

  • SimpleBills offers an in-depth portal with detailed reporting for the property and the resident to view an array of functionality and information including provider bills, usage rates, variance alerts and complete billing history.

Utility Services and Regulatory Support

  • Along with monthly invoicing and collecting, SimpleBills offers a full suite of services to effectively manage the utilities at the property, from energy procurement to sales tax audits and Energy Star certification. SimpleBills also provides a proven track record of keeping within regulation for utility billing and lease reviews to ensure compliance with the local public utility.

Visit the SimpleBills website for more information.