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ePay Processing

Using Zego’s advanced online payment technology, ePay provides the freedom to process credit card and check payments in real time. This fully integrated solution makes collecting payments a breeze. Give your tenants and owners the convenience and flexibility associated with electronic payments and reduce the amount of data entry your staff has to tackle each month by incorporating this comprehensive, secure service into your Rent Manager processes.

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Cash Pay

Cash Pay lets tenants electronically pay rent with cash from any of 25,000 CheckFreePay locations nationwide. Safe, simple, and secure, Cash Pay transactions appear in Rent Manager immediately and keep cash out of your management office.

Implemented through Zego, Cash Pay gives your tenants the freedom to pay rent at thousands of convenient CheckFreePay locations across the United States, including major retailers like Walmart and Kmart.

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Convenient and easily accessible, eChecks enable you to write checks and pay bills electronically and quickly deliver the payment via email. Transmitted via a secure platform that eliminates check fraud, eChecks emails include links that allow the recipient to retrieve and print their check from any computer, on any kind of paper.

Rent Manager eChecks work just like traditional checks, it’s just the delivery method that’s changed!

Multifeed Scanner

Check Scanning

Swiftly and accurately process check payments with Rent Manager’s user-friendly check scanner. Instantly locate contacts within the program and link a scanned image of the check to their payment transaction. We offer single-feed scanners that process up to 10 checks per minute, and multi-feed scanners that handle as many as 90 checks per minute.

Rent Manager check scanners also seamlessly integrate with ePay. Once a check is scanned, the deposit is made automatically and is reflected on the transaction ledger.

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Management Fees

After paying bills and collecting receivables, efficiently calculate and post management fees in Rent Manager. Transfer funds from your managed properties’ operating bank accounts to your management company in a matter of a few clicks. Create and assign Management Fee Templates for each of your managed properties and post fees based on your specific requirements.

Ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient property management business.

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