Studebaker Submetering

Studebaker Submetering

Studebaker Submetering, Inc. (SSI) is a full-service utility submetering/RUBS billing company providing top-notch customer service and support to their clients.  Well known for seamless software integration and accurate & timely invoicing, SSI also offers turnkey submeter installation services for water, natural gas, and electricity.  They increase property values through conservation, convergent billing, temperature-based HVAC allocations, bill payment & procurement solutions, bill auditing, and vacant utility cost recovery.

SSI proudly serves the residential and commercial real estate industries.

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Industry Experts

  • SSI has been privately owned and operated for over twenty years. This much experience and consistency translates into better service and results for our customers.


  • SSI was founded as a spin-off from a successful utility consulting practice. We deliver bill payment services, submetering systems and tenant billing programs with a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the utility industry and thoroughness of boutique consultants.

Customized Solutions

  • While uniformity is easy for us, we understand there can be, and often are, more exceptions than rules. We go out of our way to meet the special needs of our customers property by property.

Here to Serve

  • The secret to our success all of these years is really no secret! We have always known we exist to serve our customers and help them achieve their goals, not our own.

Visit the Studebaker Submetering website for more information.