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Breezeway’s property operations and services platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work, and deliver more client service. Combining deep property-data profiles with robust field management, Breezeway’s software gives property managers the most comprehensive toolset to automate tasks, perform customized inspections and repairs, leverage preventative maintenance programs, communicate with residents, and share reports with owners.

Property Operations And Service Platform For Property Managers

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Increase Operational Efficiency

Our intelligent tools automate scheduling work and completing inspections and repairs in the field, eliminating hours of spreadsheeting and manual work each week.

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Reduce Maintenance & Labor Costs

Operational insights—like average repair times, equipment lifespans, and historical service tasks—help build robust asset management programs, saving you thousands in repairs, labor costs, and replacements.

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Boost Tenant & Owner Satisfaction

Through higher-quality property care, tenant texting tools, and robust owner reporting, you’ll deliver more service to tenants, build more trust with clients, and boost owner retention and revenue.

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