GradGuard Off-Campus

GradGuard Off-Campus

Are you a student housing provider? Do you lease to young adults attending university? If so, GradGuard understands your unique needs.

Partnering with over 350 college, university, and private student housing providers nationwide, GradGuard is the leading technology-focused insurance destination for college students and their families. GradGuard Off-Campus is an integrated insurance service that provides flexible coverage for residents while simultaneously providing protection for housing managers/owners. Their unique “Resident Endorsement” is designed exclusively for this demographic and offers significant advantages for both the tenant and manager.

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Transfer Risk

  • The GradGuard program shifts the financial burden of uncollected receivables for property damage onto the insurance carrier of the resident. For the property owner/manager, the liability protection provides coverage in the event an insured resident is found legally liable for property damage or bodily injury to others in the tenant’s residence. This reduces potential commercial insurance claims as well as reducing the collections burden for damages at the end of the lease.

Reduce Management Effort

  • Receive payment directly from the insurance company for covered losses instead of spending time requesting payments from individual tenants for damages at the conclusion of the lease.

Resident Benefits

  • By implementing the GradGuardprogram, your residents are eligible for the unique coverage features contained within the “Resident Endorsement.” Worldwide coverage, replacement costs, no electronics limitations, and loss of use are just some of the differentiating benefits you can provide. Unlike other renters insurance programs, all of your residents will be eligible regardless of their credit or insurance loss history.

Visit the GradGuard website for more information.