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Experian RentBureau® is the largest and most widely used database of rental payment information. Property management companies, electronic rental payment processors, and other third parties report rental payment data directly to Experian RentBureau every 24 hours. This detailed rental-payment information enables organizations to make better-informed decisions. Property management companies utilize this data to screen new applicants as a part of their existing screening services.

Unlock The Power Of Rental Payment Data

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Benefits Of Sharing Rental Payment Data

Share rental payment data to reduce skips and bad debt. Once reported, your rental history data becomes available to other managers through our screening partners. Help residents build credit!

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Benefits Of Accessing Rental Payment Data

Access real-time rental data to gain insight into an applicant’s likelihood to pay rent, enabling on-site teams to make better leasing decisions and reduce manual verifications.

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Rental Data - Credit Building

Offer your residents the opportunity to build their credit simply by paying rent responsibly. Sharing data will allow you to report positive rental payments to Experian on behalf of your residents.

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