PetScreening is a unique, no-charge service for property managers. Their service screens household pets, validates reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (service, emotional support, companion, etc.), and provides an easy and standardized way to hold all tenants accountable to your company’s pet policies.

Tenants create comprehensive digital profiles based on their pet ownership status to share with their property manager. Property managers can access and share these profiles with field inspectors, maintenance vendors, and property owners. Property managers can also report pet-related incidents or damages on the tenant’s profile that will be made available to future property managers.

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Screen Household Pets & Their Owners for Risk

  • The Pet Profile provides a FIDO Score™ for each pet application and they charge a nominal application fee to the pet owner. The FIDO Score™ can help generate a new stream of incremental bottom-line revenue by implementing a variable pet-fee schedule (i.e. pet rent, pet fees, pet deposits, etc.). Using the FIDO Score™ to set variable pet rents, pet fees and pet deposits is a very similar methodology to using a FICO credit score to determine a resident’s security deposit amount.

Validate Assistance Animal Reasonable Accommodation Requests

  • An Animal Profile is provided after the in-house legal review team reviews an assistance animal reasonable accommodation request to make sure it meets the FHAct guidelines. Their team reviews each and every accommodation request, and contacts the third-party providers (i.e. doctors, therapists, counselors, etc.) to check for reliability and credibility by applying the test of reasonableness per HUD’s guidelines.

Hold All Residents Accountable to Your Pet Policies

  • The No Pet Profile ensures that your non-pet owning prospects and residents are on the formal record acknowledging your no pet policies such as no pet sitting, no short term pet visitation from guests and more.

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