Gatby is a digital electricity marketplace that enables residents to explore 100+ fixed-rate plans and conveniently enroll for service directly via its platform, all at no cost to residents or property manager. In addition, Gatby generates ancillary revenue for property managers / owners and automatically submits proof of electricity confirmation details to property onsite teams.

Improving The Electricity Experience For Residents, Onsite Teams, And Property Managers

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Seamless Implementation

Leverage our RM integration, welcome letter language, and marketing materials to promote the program. Be up and running in less than two weeks!

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Ancillary Revenue

Our property managers earn $30-40+ per unit on an annual basis.

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Improve The Resident Electricity Experience

Residents can explore 100+ fixed-rate plans, selectively filter by category (price, reviews, etc.), and conveniently enroll for service directly via our platform.

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No-Cost Solution

A no-cost energy tech solution that seamlessly integrates with Rent Manager.

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Intuitive & Simplistic

Modern technology platform designed for new generation of renters.

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Resident Energy Savings

Gatby’s competitive marketplace offers some of the lowest rates in the industry, generating tangible savings for your residents.

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