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Your operation extends beyond your office, and your software should, too. Rent Manager’s mobile capabilities empower you to work anywhere.  Available for Android or iOS, the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app gives you access to the data and Rent Manager features you depend on. Tenant information, inspections, work orders, and more are all at your fingertips.

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  • Payments
  • Inspections
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  • Metered Utilities

Renters Insurance Compliance

It is important that your renters have an insurance policy that meets the terms of their lease. Rent Manager’s built-in renters insurance solution, powered by LeaseTrack, makes it easy by providing lease-compliant policy options and giving you visibility into which renters are properly covered.

Project Management

Property management professionals have a to-do list that never seems to end. You and your team conquer everything from the tedious to the significant, and you need a software solution that can encompass it all. Tackle those high-level projects and see them through with powerful tools at your disposal.

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    Rent Manager’s completely customizable solutions allow for focused and effective workflow management. Transform everyday taskslike posting charges or running reportsinto orchestrated, repeatable activity patterns to streamline your business processes long term.

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    Inventory Management

    Maintain a complete list of your business’ products and services through Rent Manager’s advanced Inventory module. Tracking your inventory ensures you know exactly how many items you have in stockand when linked to certain Rent Manager features, inventory item quantities can be updated in real time.

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    Automated Notifications

    As a property manager, your attention is pulled in a thousand different directions on any given day. That’s why we created the Automated Notifications feature. These handy alertsbased on predetermined specificationsnotify you of status updates, reminders, communication efforts, and more to keep you in-the-know at all times.

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    Project Tasks

    Tasks remind you to complete everything from ordering new office supplies to meeting an owner prospect to talk business. Effortlessly link tasks to action items or assign them to your employees. Tasks display on your calendar, and you can also add a Task tile to your Rent Manager Dashboard.

OWA Dashboard Example


Rent Manager’s comprehensive owners features supply fee-based management companies with the vital business and communication resources they need to thrive. Owners and managers can operate with complete transparency—advanced tools keep communication lines open and ensure owners remain confidently in-the-know.
Owner Portal
Owners can make online contributions, run reports, and view ownership and financial information through Owner Web Access (OWA). This secure, online portal allows for open communication between you and your owners.
Guest Cards
When an owner prospect submits contact information and requests more information about your business via a Guest Card, their submission will automatically appear in your Rent Manager database.
Web Chat
As owner prospects browse your website, offer them an opportunity for immediate communication that creates a great first impression. Quicker and more convenient than email, Web Chat messages appear instantly in Rent Manager and allow for prompt follow-up.
NACHA files can be generated in Rent Manager when paying owners, and contain specific payment instructions for your bank. This universal file type is an industry standard that ensures your owners get paid without issue.

Task Automation

You regularly perform a variety of activities in Rent Manager. Maybe you post recurring charges and late fees each month, or you’re responsible for finding recurring bills that need to be posted regularly. The Task Automation feature lets you set up posting schedules and Rent Manager automates these routine activities for you without fail.

Process and Admin Improvements

  • Users icon
    User Roles/Privileges

    Rent Manager makes it easy to control user privileges, enabling you to limit or expand what each user is able to see and do in your database. Clearly define expectations and user permissions through the creation and modification of user accounts, assigning user roles, and establishing supervisors.

  • Inventory icon
    Assets/Inventory Tracking

    Track your company’s kitchen appliances, furnaces, manufactured homes, or vehicles through Rent Manager’s Assets feature. With Assets, you can also track the maintenance you perform on these items, any related expenses, lease these items to tenants, and record their depreciation over time. Rent Manager also allows you to store their relevant information, including manufacturer and warranty details.

  • Prospects icon
    Prospect Manager/CRM

    Turn prospects into tenants with Prospect Manager. This powerful feature provides valuable insights, tools, and reports that make tracking your prospects and marketing campaigns a breeze. Tailor your message to each prospect with customizable unit profile letters that speak directly to prospective tenants who have certain amenities in mind.

  • Web Portal icon
    Tenant Portal & Signable Docs

    Tenant Web Access (TWA) and Signable Documents save time for both you and your tenants. These valuable digital resources eliminate the need for tenants to come into the leasing office with rent checks or to sign lease renewals, since they can sign documents and pay rent electronically safely and securely through TWA.

  • Letter Templates icon
    Letter Templates

    Letter Templates simplify critical communication with prospects, tenants, owners, and vendors. Choose from an ever-growing library of property-management-specific letters, or import your own documents to easily mass distribute messages to contacts from your Rent Manager database.

  • VPO icon
    Virtual Post Office

    Mail documents without touching an envelope with Virtual Post Office (VPO). Any invoice, statement, letter, or report that you generate with Rent Manager can be processed and mailed via VPO. Eliminate the tedious, costly work of printing, stuffing, and stamping envelopes and outsource it to us! With just a few clicks, VPO envelopes can be submitted, processed, and prepared for mailing.

Call Center

Call Center, powered by Anequim, provides your business with comprehensive, 24/7 maintenance and leasing support. Well-trained representatives answer each call ready to troubleshoot, document service requests, and escalate issues based on your predetermined protocol. Alleviate the pressure of constantly having to be on-call with this customer-service-driven option.

This all-encompassing service fully integrates with your Rent Manager data—a record of every call will be detailed in your database.

Ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient property management business.

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Gunnison Real Estate & Rentals
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I use Rent Manager for texting, emailing, notifying—just basic communication with tenants. Everything you do with the software is recorded, so if there is some sort of dispute, you can refer to the records.
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