Call Center—powered by Anequim—provides residents with comprehensive, authoritative 24/7 support. Call Center agents are ready to troubleshoot, create service issues, and escalate calls based on your desired protocols.

Fully integrated with Rent Manager, the Call Center can advance your operation, eliminate the 24/7 workday, and provide your residents with the help they need simultaneously.

Improve Response Times And Communication With Your Residents Today

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After-Hours & Overflow Support
Alleviate the pressure of always being on-call without sacrificing quality customer service and relinquishing your evenings, weekends, or holidays.
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Seamless For You
Data syncs from the Call Center into your Rent Manager database and the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app, providing you with detailed descriptions of every interaction.
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Bilingual & Live Agents
Every call is answered by a live, fully-trained agent. As a result, the Call Center’s professional, courteous staff can serve as an extension of your business.
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Keeps You Informed
Courtesy text or email notifications are sent after every conversation a Call Center agent has with your residents.
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Reporting & Feedback

The Call Center will provide quarterly reports on the number of tickets created, emergencies, and complaints (if any), as well as the action plans taken to resolve issues.

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Preferred & Built-in

As Rent Manger’s preferred service-desk partner, Call Center powered by Anequim is built-in to provide a seamless experience.

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