MuniBilling’s cloud-based billing software saves costs by eliminating licensing, downloads, and installations. It streamlines utility and service billing and accounting. It integrates with Rent Manager for real-time updates. MuniBilling includes analytics, a meter reading app, a service work order app, and more for enhanced resident satisfaction and efficient billing. Mobile apps, analytics, and a customer portal ensure streamlined billing, expense management, and detailed reporting.

Cloud Based Billing Software Built To Give You Power And Flexibility Integrated With Rent Manager

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Flexible Billing Engine

From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on and optimize at every level of the financial stack.

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Customer Portal

Customer portal empowers end-users by allowing them to independently manage their payments and data, providing a user-friendly interface for secure and convenient self-service transactions.

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Advanced Analytics

Ensure the availability of essential data and information at your fingertips, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined operations.

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Cloud Based System

Data security, minimal downtime, and simplified office equipment management, offering robust encryption, continuous access, and automatic updates for a future-ready and resilient billing system.

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Service Orders

Simplify the process of creating service orders, fostering seamless communication and optimizing task management for enhanced efficiency.

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Meter Integration

Utility billing solution with seamless integration into different meter systems, offering ease of use.

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