BirdEye lets you send fully automated review requests to your tenants and integrates seamlessly with your contact list on Rent Manager. With customizable timing, branding, and content, you can get new reviews from your tenants on sites like Google and Facebook without lifting a finger. Whether you have 1, 10, or 10,000 rentals, BirdEye gives you everything you need to improve your online reputation and use tenant feedback to grow your business.

Boost your star ratings, improve your search engine ranking, and get new tenants by letting your happy tenants do your marketing for you.

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Get new reviews with no extra work

  • Automatically send tenants review requests via SMS or email after an appointment. Get new tenant reviews for your business on third-party sites like Google and Facebook to improve your online reputation.

Manage tenant issues immediately

  • Stay in the know. BirdEye sends you real-time alerts whenever you receive a new review and lets you respond directly to all your reviews from one place.

Rank above competitors on Google

  • BirdEye builds each of your rental properties a custom review microsite displaying your best reviews from all sites, up-to-date business information, and the option to leave a new review. With a fresh stream of new reviews and accurate local listings, your microsite will rank high on page 1 of search results.

Promote reviews to get new tenants

  • Automatically share your best reviews to your company website and social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Reach a wider audience with authentic testimonials to increase traffic and conversions.

Visit the BirdEye website for more information