Professional Debt Mediation

Professional Debt Mediation

Professional Debt Mediation, Inc. (PDM), is an industry leader in providing collection services for the multifamily industry. Founded in 1998, our services, experience, and superior collection results have benefited property management companies, owners, and individual communities nationwide.

PDM’s approach to debt collection is founded on the principles of professionalism and ethics, treating these previous residents in a fair and consultative manner. Our collection staff is extensively trained on landlord tenant laws, following all federal and state guidelines in order to deliver the highest recovery rate.

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Record-Setting Recovery Rates

  • PDM has consistently achieved performance results far above the industry averages. They welcome a comparative period to experience firsthand the exceptional success rates. PDM is also willing to accept accounts placed with other agencies to prove their ability to recovery where others have been unsuccessful.

Vast Industry Knowledge

  • Since 1998, PDM has specialized in the multifamily industry exclusively, and are long-standing members of the American Collectors Association—since our inception. PDM is also an active member of the National Apartment Association, and are members of numerous regional apartment associations.

World-Class Client Support

  • Your account representative is always available to assist with questions, placing of accounts, training, and any other task associated with the collection process, results, or to answer any questions. Our online client portal provides 24/7 access to reports and specific account information. PDM’s Account Manager, Operations Manager, and Technology Team monitor performance results, trends and activity.

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Proprietary, customized software developed exclusively for the multifamily industry. In-house IT personnel capable of developing any client-specific request, report, or need.

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