Decisions come faster with Findigs: the digital underwriting platform that’s changing the way we rent. Our intuitive dashboard is moving beyond modern screening standards, delivering everything from automatic document analysis technology, transparent income and ID insights, and fully-integrated pet and animal screening—all so you can move at maximum efficiency with clarity and confidence. Find all the smartest tools under one roof, and simplify the way forward with Findigs.

Verify rental applications in minutes with all-in-one ID & income verification + document analysis.

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Income & employment analysis for 100% of cases

Verify income through tech-enabled payroll and bank linking.

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Instant Identity Verification

Instantaneous ID Verification technology confirms if an applicant’s government issued ID is valid, current and aligned with a 2 step photo-selfie upload.

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Machine learning powered document analysis tech

Your applicant wants to upload a paystub to validate income? No problem – Findigs’ document analysis tool will validate a document in seconds an provide tips if a document indicates fraud signals.

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Integrated Pet Verification (optional feature)

Remain FHA compliant with Findigs’ seamless Pet Verification flow to validate ESA/Support Animals & household pets.

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Applicant Data & Leasing Team Statistics

The Analytics Dashboard provides an easy, at-a-glance perspective into your applicants’ data and Leasing Team/application review insights to optimize efficiency.

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One-stop-shop. No more chasing down documents.

Findigs is the only rental application technology that can underwrite 100% of income, employment and ID verification circumstances with 1 comprehensive rental application.

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Mimi Johnson
Excalibur Homes
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The Document Analysis feature has provided our team with more security and confidence in detecting fraudulent applications.
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