Rently has revolutionized the showing process for both property managers and renters in all 50 states with their Smart Lockbox.

Rently is the premier electronic lockbox showing solution. Utilizing Rently, renters can instantly and securely access properties at their convenience. This method, also referred to as Self-Service Showing, is becoming the industry norm and potential renters are expecting this service more and more. Rently also provides property managers other great tools such as online screening and rental application, bluetooth enabled smart locks, agent scheduling, and call center services for renter calls.

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Premier Lockbox Rental Service

  • Rently’s statistics show that 40% of renters usually look at properties after work or on weekends. Managers using Rently automate their showings so they never lose a renter while generating valuable new home renter leads every day.

Rently's Rental Screening

  • Rently has a brand new screening process that they have partnered with TransUnion to build over the last year. By partnering with TransUnion, Rently's brand new screening reduces time on market due to our unique matching technology. It’s a dynamic, renter-friendly process that gives you more control, better results, and changes the way you interact with renters.

Online Agent Scheduling

  • Self-Showings aren't going to work for every property, so Rently includes a dynamic and powerful scheduling platform. Our system allows renters to schedule agent-led showing based on your customized schedule.

Real-Time Analytics

  • Rently's real-time metrics and analytics help managers create reports on inquiries, showings, and even an up-to-date feedback form each renter is prompted to fill out, so they can see just how interested each potential renter is. Users also receive real-time alerts for every showing insuring property managers have control at all times.

Visit the Rently website for more information