Mammoth Fob Systems

Mammoth Fob Systems enables you to integrate your building’s locks into the Rent Manager interface. Resident access to all areas can be managed, including exterior doors, gates, elevators, pool gates, and even individual apartment doors.  Assign a fob by filling out two fields in Rent Manager.  Automatically cut off amenity access when rent is late and assign access via amenity reservations.

Control Access To Your Buildings From Within Rent Manager

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No Third-Party Software

Keep reducing training time by using a single interface to manage building access. All locked doors, including apartment doors, can be programmed through Rent Manager.

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Single Information Source

Rent Manager continues to be your single source of information, rather than having to use multiple software applications or servers.

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No Servers To Maintain

Our cloud-hosted access control solution ensures your buildings will always be functional without a single server to keep track of.

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