Keep Track with Service Issues

Service issues help your team organize and stay ahead of your ever-changing list of maintenance tasks. Create, track, manage, and resolve service issues from within your database. Turn service management into a revenue generator for your business with Rent Manager.

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    Service Issue Statuses

    Thoroughly track your maintenance progress with Service Issue Statuses. Statuses describe the current condition of your projectNew, Work in Progress, Resolved, etc. Sort your issue list by status as you’re filtering through which assignments need to be resolved.

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    Complete Service Issues in the field

    rmAppSuite Pro users can manage and update the service issue stage on their smart device while they’re still on the job. Project progress can be updated in real time and tenants can electronically sign off on completed work.

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    Memorized Service Issues

    Avoid redundant data entry with Memorized Service Issues. If you create issues for the same maintenance tasks over and over again, memorize them to save the name, description, and other issue details, so you can populate the form in the future with just one click.

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    Assign Service Issues

    Efficiently delegate maintenance tasks by assigning service issues to other Rent Manager users. Users can even create an Automated Notification to alert them when they’ve been assigned a new task.

RM Issue Checklists Screenshot

Issue Checklists

Manage and conquer your to-do list with Issue Checklists. Implement Issue Checklists for service issues that require several steps to be accomplished before final completion. Create a checklist item for each step of the process. When a step is finished and marked as completed in Rent Manager, you can advance the issue to another user in the process—inspiring a fluid, easy-to-follow workflow.

RM Service Tech Map Screenshot

Service Tech Map

Track your service techs’ locations and gauge productivity levels with the Service Tech Map. When an rmAppSuite Pro user checks in to a service issue, the map will update their location using the device’s GPS.

This innovative mobile capability fully integrates with your Rent Manager 12 database and enables you to open the map in the office to see how efficiency levels are faring. 

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Work Orders & Integrated Billing

Simplify your payables and receivables by integrating billable expenses into work orders. This billing and invoicing tool allows you to charge back expenses to tenants or owners in the form of invoices, and optionally add a markup amount to each billable expense as part of the reimbursement.


Inspections play a major role in the maintenance process. Streamline and standardize your inspections procedures with Rent Manager. Inspection templates are completely customizable, allowing you to create assessments based on the unique specifications of each property and unit type.

  • Inspection Template icon
    Inspection Templates

    These helpful forms remove uncertainties from the inspection process. Clearly define the areas and elements of a unit that need to be reviewed so your maintenance techs can proceed with confidence. Your customizations can also be saved and used for future inspections.

  • Issues icon
    Create Service Issues from Inspections

    After an inspection is complete and you’ve identified the areas that require maintenance, you can effortlessly create service issues for any items that require attention.

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    rmAppSuite Pro Integration

    Inspections can be conducted from start to finish via rmAppSuite Pro. Make notes, take photos, and schedule work orders in the field from your smart deviceall of which is synced to your Rent Manager 12 database.

  • Inspections Report Icon
    Inspection Reports

    Provide your maintenance techs with a copy of the Inspection Report. This document includes all the inspection details that were added in Rent Manager and can be used as a helpful checklist for inspectors as they go through the unit. It also leaves room for the technician to take detailed notes about their findings and the status of each item.

RM Make-Ready Screenshot

Make Ready Boards

The make-ready process is often costly and labor-intensive. Simplify unit turnover with organization and clear task delegation via Rent Manager’s Make Ready Board. This feature displays the units you’ve assigned a make-ready process, with color-coded statuses for associated service issues and inspections. Make your to-do lists more manageable with Make Ready Boards.

Metered Utilities

The Metered Utilities module simplifies utility billing and integrates seamlessly with Rent Manager. Every billing period, you’ll enter in your meter readings and quickly charge your tenants for their utility consumption. Meter readings can be conveniently entered into the software through a multitude of different avenues; scanners, mobile devices, and imports to name a few. Make the most of your time in the field with meter readings using rmAppSuitePro, our mobile app for Rent Manager features on-the-go.

  • Meter Types icon
    Track Multiple Meter Types

    Establish Meter Types and create a consumption calculation method for each. Standard Meter Types are used to calculate utility charges with fixed rates and consumption ranges.

  • Line Graph icon
    Monitor Consumption History

     Individual meter readings are entered for gas, water, sewer, and electric. Consumption History allows you to view the rate of consumption for your tenants and units over time.

  • Tenants icon
    Bill Tenants

    After you’ve entered Meter Readings, post multiple utilities for your properties all at once. This streamlined solution bills your tenants effortlessly.

  • Metered Utilities Plus icon
    Metered Utilities Plus

    Metered Utilities Plus is a more-advanced resource for complex utility billing systems. This user-friendly module processes utilities in states and regions—including Texas, California, Michigan, and Arizona—that require special calculations.

project management

Project Management

Transform multifaceted tasks—like tenant move-ins and move-outs—into straightforward steps. Ensuring that your units are move-in ready and/or initiating the unit-turnover process can be time- and labor-intensive, and doing so requires clear communication between your team and your tenants.

Getting organized is the first step, and Rent Manager can help!

Ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient property management business.

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Throughout the course of the month, Rent Manager allows us to get our bookkeeping done in a quarter of the time it used to take… With that extra time, we can focus on building the business. The last thing I want to do was spend more time with bills.
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