Foxen Insurance offers a dynamic and integrated solution for managing Tenant Legal Liability that integrates with Rent Manager to provide full tenant compliance throughout your portfolio.

Foxen offers a complete turnkey service that is designed for ease of use at the property level and adds value in many ways including a revenue share with ownership. Additionally, their comprehensive program allows landlords and property management firms to create their own captive insurance entity while administering the operational back-end in real time, eliminating the need for hiring additional employees.

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Reduced Liability in Portfolio

  • The Foxen program allows landlords and property management firms to deliver 100% coverage at the property level. No uncovered losses due to tenant negligence resulting in losses to returns.

Ease of Use

  • Their solution allows property managers to focus on their primary responsibilities, leaving the hassle of reviewing and monitoring coverage to Foxen. Tenants can provide their own coverage or take advantage of the waiver program and pay for coverage on a monthly basis along with the rent.

Financial Benefits

  • In addition to reduced insurance costs as well as no uncovered losses due to tenant negligence, their integrated program allows for a revenue share directly back to the property resulting in improved financial results.

Captive Formation

  • The program allows owners and landlords to utilize our compliance monitoring solution to cover the portfolio and then convert coverage to their own captive entity, providing additional financial benefit to ownership. Foxen offers standalone real-time monitoring coverage for those owners that have decided that a liability captive is right for them.

Visit the Foxen website for more information.