RealSage uses AI and data science to help real estate asset managers make timely and informed decisions about their portfolios.

The RealSage AI is trained to deliver insights on multiple use cases including rental go-to-market and renewal rental offer price decisions, budgeting reallocation decisions, CAPEX investment-related decisions, leasing & marketing management, and refinancing.

Fully integrated with Rent Manager, RealSage stands out as a comprehensive data intelligence solution for superior decision-making.

A Web-Based A.I. Platform For Comprehensive Real Estate Data Analytics & Insights

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System Integration

Seamless integration with a variety of internal and external data sources for comprehensive real estate portfolio analysis.

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Automated KPI Tracking & Reports

Real-time KPI tracking complemented by a suite of customizable reports and interactive dashboards.

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Implementation & Support

Flexible deployment choices, featuring smooth integration with current systems and customization options.

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Security & Access Control

SOC 2 compliant, ensuring data integrity through encryption and user authentication.

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A.I. Co-Pilot

Have a conversation with your data and receive instant, accurate responses to all business-centric queries.

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A.I. Generated Insights

Predictive, actionable suggestions that highlight ways to improve portfolio NOIs.

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