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Property Meld

Maintenance is a pain. Property Meld’s software and services automate the maintenance process from start to finish. Increase revenue while decreasing your workload with no more phone calls, negative online reviews, or time-consuming scheduling and follow-ups. Never worry about maintenance again.

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Focus on eliminating the "Fog of War"

  • Instead of dispatching work and hoping the job is done, Property Meld will automatically tell you the scheduled date/time as well as completion. Spend your time on more important things.

Take advantage of best-in-class communication tools

  • Phone calls and e-mails are the death of your time clock. Utilize communication tools to reach residents, technicians, vendors, and owners in their preferred method of contact. This includes e-mail, texting, and in-app notifications. The best part is, all conversations, regardless of the communication type (text, email, app) is documented in the service issue.

Schedule faster with Property Meld

  • Whether it's a vendor or dispatcher trying to schedule a time with a resident, you can schedule quickly with Property Meld. Scheduling tools take the back-and-forth phone calls out of play with an automatic scheduling feature. Did you know Property Meld schedules 85% of repairs in less than 4 minutes?!

Improve retention and online reputation with maintenance

  • Property Meld’s software was designed to make the experience of maintenance pleasant while delivering excellent customer service. The resident experience in Property Meld for customers averages a 4.3/5! This is critical for retaining quality residents and preventing unnecessary turns on your properties.

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