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A software designed for property management professionals ready to transform their maintenance process, Property Meld offers the ability to increase productivity and lower maintenance costs through data-driven decisions. From submission to follow-up, improve the maintenance experience while decreasing workload, phone calls, and time-consuming tasks.

Coordinating Maintenance Shouldn’t Be Hard

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Schedule In Minutes, Not Days

Eliminate scheduling repairs by phone and set user-defined automatic troubleshooting. Ensure repairs are scheduled in minutes by monitoring your team’s throughput like jobs per day, speed to schedule, and speed to assign.

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More Than Just Streamlined Communication

While residents and vendors communicate directly, ensure the entire repair cycle is healthy by viewing documented conversations on individual work orders and track response times in real-time.

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Powerful Work Order Management

Instead of dispatching work and hoping the job is done, Property Meld simplifies the entire maintenance process from automatic troubleshooting and scheduling work orders to vendor follow-up.

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Make Informed Decisions

Providing oversight into the root causes of maintenance issues and identiyfing the actions needed to optimize your process. Using data to back up your decisions to investors.

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Monitor & Right Size Your Team

At last, gain a comprehensive understanding of whether your team of technicians and coordinators is adequately sized to handle incoming work orders. Monitor individual performance metrics to create effective bonus programs.

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What Can Happen

Maintenance is the least optimized, yet most controllable budget item for property managers and will jeopardize the overall health of your business if inefficiencies are ignored.

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Our approach to maintenance is already night and day better because it's based on reality instead of an assumption.
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