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Guardian Water & Power

Founded in 1983, Guardian provides a full suite of utility cost recovery services including system design, installation services, data acquisition, utility billing, collections, and utility management—all backed by a commitment to superior customer service. Primary markets are multi-unit residential properties and manufactured housing communities.

Guardian creates value for customers by minimizing property utility usage and maximizing recovery of utility costs. Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, Guardian maintains sales and service centers in Austin, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Tacoma, San Diego, and Raleigh. They work directly with their customers to increase net operating income, improve property valuation, and promote water and energy conservation.

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New Construction/Retrofit Submetering

  • Just about all new multifamily developments are choosing to submeter and bill back for utilities from the start. Guardian's nationwide team of sales professionals, regional project managers, and field technicians work directly with developers and builders during all stages of the new construction process. They ensure your submeter system is installed and commissioned on time and for a low price.

Submeter Maintenance & Repair

  • Properly functioning meters help maximize recovery of your utility expenses and protect your bottom line. To ensure these problems are not overlooked, Guardian sends their clients automated email alerts spotlighting usage anomalies and submeters requiring service at their properties. The nationwide team of project managers and field technicians make necessary repairs and replacements as needed.

Submeter Monitoring & Utility Billing

  • Once your new system is installed, Guardian provides on-going monitoring, leak detection, and utility billing services. They provide different levels of service depending on your level of management control. The billing platform integrates with Rent Manager. They can also take over reading and billing using your site's existing submeter system if you are having problems with your current provider.

Utility Expense Management

  • With the Utility Expense Management (UEM) services, Guardian takes over the time-consuming challenge of processing your property’s master utility, internet, and telecom provider invoices. They ensure your bills are paid accurately and on time. Leverage the 36 years of utility management expertise as they analyze each invoice looking for provider billing errors and opportunities for your company to save money.

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