Leap offers occupancy and risk-management solutions for multifamily, single-family, and student housing rental markets. Its products provide insurance alternatives to security deposits and guarantors, driving higher occupancy rates, and reducing move-in costs for renters. Leap serves clients who own and operate 1,000,000+ homes across all 50 states.

Leap’s Insurance Alternatives To Security Deposits & Guarantors Drive Higher Occupancy Rates

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Serves 1,000,000+ Homes In All 50 States

Leap’s insurance products enable landlords to expand their tenant pool, increase their NOI, and decrease their bad debt while reducing the friction of the leasing process.

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Leap Deposit Replacement & Leap Rent Guaranty

Two products, more coverage. Leap Deposit Replacement substitutes a small monthly fee for a large up-front deposit. Leap Rent Guaranty cosigns a tenant’s lease as an Institutional Guarantor.

Residents Want Options, You Want Assurances

Leap provides landlords and buildings with flexible coverage options, insured for loss of rent, physical damage, utilities, monthly recurring charges, and legal fees.

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