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Zego modernizes resident payments and utility management, enabling Rent Manager customers to deliver the ultimate resident experience and simplify operations. Streamline your process with:

Resident Payments – a complete payment solution that empowers renters to pay online or in-person.

Utility Management – a total solution that provides accounts payable, billing, and itemized statement solutions.


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Boost cash flow and efficiency with 100% digital payments, seamlessly integrated with Rent Manager.

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Encourage Digital Payments

Offer multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, eCheck, CashPay (cash/money order alternative), check scanning, and Lockbox (a digital payment solution for paper payments)!

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Improve Time to Cash

Helpful features like Variable Autopay enable tenants to schedule recurring payments that cover their entire balance, even if it changes.

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Simplify Reconciliation

Fund multiple bank accounts through a single resident transaction, simplifying reconciliation.

Recover more utility expenses and save your staff time with comprehensive utility management solutions, seamlessly integrated with Rent Manager.

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Grow NOI

Recoup utility expenses from residents, including water, sewer, trash, gas, recycling, and electricity.

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Save Time

Free your associates from the time-consuming utility AP process, and cut pesky utility late fees in the process.

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Expedite Resident Utility Payments

Present residents with a single statement that includes rent and utilities, which is easy to pay in one transaction.

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If you’re an existing customer in need of support, please contact Zego at 855-410-6846 or rentmanager@gozego.com.

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Jennifer Howard
Boutique Apartments
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Dealing with utilities has been a drastic improvement because we now have full insight into that data. Recovering those costs from residents is more streamlined and has even led to more on-time payments because residents pay rent and utilities at the same time through Zego.
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