TenantTech is a powerful lead-to-lease system that includes a suite of document-management tools along with a customizable online rental application and optional integrated screening. By working directly with state apartment associations and landlord-tenant attorneys, TenantTech provides all of the lease forms, move-in paperwork, legal notices, and other documents you need to manage your properties while staying in full compliance (or combine with your own forms).

Save time and go paperless by using TenantTech’s built-in e-sign technology with secure cloud storage and instant retrieval of every document PDF.

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  • The Rent Manager integration reduces double-entry by allowing you to import resident/lease information from Rent Manager to TenantTech, then complete your forms in TenantTech, then send final PDFs back into Rent Manager if desired.

Print for Multiple Units

  • “Print for Multiple Units” saves hours of forms-generating time by allowing you to pick a single form and then customize it in moments for many different units from a single screen, before generating a single PDF that contains all the customized forms/notices.

Cloud Servers

  • Final PDFs (whether e-signed or not) are stored indefinitely on secure cloud servers and backed up across multiple data centers in different geographic regions, so you’ll always have instant access to every created document.

Visit the TenantTech website for more information.