Revvy is a revenue optimization platform that is fully integrated with Rent Manager. This resource takes the guesswork out of the pricing equation, expiration management, reducing average vacant days, and increased revenue via a user-friendly UI and true configurability. Services include training, implementation, advisory, and performance analysis.

Through Flexible Real-Time Data Metrics, Let Revvy Take The Guesswork Out Of The Pricing Equation

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Revenue Optimization

Optimized pricing based on supply, demand, leasing activity, and market conditions.

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Expiration Management

Balance exposure with new leases and renewal leases by guiding prospects and residents to more favorable lease terms.

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Performance Analysis

From a property-level performance dashboard to individual floor-plan-level dashboards, quickly understand the overall health and progress of each asset.

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Move-In Optimization

The cost of vacancy loss is built-in each day a unit is held vacant, resulting in reduced average vacant days.

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Daily Rate Change

Rates change on a daily basis within the Revvy model.
Pricing recommendations are done at the floor-plan level and based on several different factors.

Make Ready Templates

Revvy can accommodate any asset type. Parameter alignment: How aggressive/conservative do you want to be with new lease and renewal lease pricing?
What are you trying to achieve?

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