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M.J. Mock & Associates is your direct connection to Safeguard and has the products you need to manage, promote and grow your business. They are an end-to-end, single-source/total-service provider–designing, manufacturing, fulfilling and distributing–from locations throughout North America.

Safeguard brings together business and marketing solutions; campaign and direct mail services; and manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution capabilities, which equate to gained efficiencies and reduced costs for Rent Manager users. Safeguard provides an integrated suite of business and marketing solutions for a company’s go-to-market needs.

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  • Safeguard computer laser checks are 100% compatible with Rent Manager. Upgrade to Premium Secure checks with the highest level of protection against potential fraud.
  • Rent Manager eChecks powered by Safeguard are a sustainable, efficient, secure and economical way to send payments. Rent Manager eChecks payment notifications are delivered via the Internet so you eliminate envelopes, postage and paper costs, not to mention the occasional overnight fees for expedited payments. For further information contact your Rent Manager support team.
  • Safeguard understands how to consistently promote your business. Using everything from apparel to branded merchandise, to make the right impression with staff, customers and in the community.
  • Safeguard Design & Print services help you create materials that make an impact.

Visit the Safeguard website for more information