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Report Batches

Tedious tasks like report generation and delivery can consume one of your most valuable resources: time. With Report Batches, users can combine a series of reports and run them simultaneously to save time and promote seamless workflows. You can also save the required options of each report to reflect the needs of specific recipients.

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Schedule Report Batches

Report Automation takes the convenience and efficiency of Report Batches to the next level. This time-saving feature allows you to schedule Report Batches automatically at a set frequency, and deliver the report results via email to whomever you choose. You can easily customize and manage the list of Report Batches by reordering and sharing ownership of them with other users.

data entry

Automated Data Entry

Put an end to manual data entry once and for all. Free up immense amounts of time by allowing RMO to run and deliver your reports while you’re doing more important things, like giving property tours, tending to maintenance issues, and following up on leads.

email notifications

History Tracking

If anything happens that inhibits the delivery of a Report Batch, you will be notified via email immediately. Isolate and correct issues as they occur to ensure your reports are sent on time, every day.

Ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient property management business.

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Giving the users flexibility for customization within Rent Manager and through the available Integrations save us a ton of time and has made our procedures more professional.
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