As a software pioneer for the multifamily industry, LeaseHawk brings cutting-edge technologies that use artificial intelligence to property management companies and owners. LeaseHawk’s virtual leasing assistant, ACE AI, conversationally answers your properties’ calls, text messages, and website chats. With ACE AI, your properties will be available to prospects 24/7.

You Won’t Miss A Lead Ever Again With LeaseHawk’s Integrated Virtual Assistant

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Listens to your prospect’s needs and provides the desired information, such as pricing and availability, quickly.

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Answers calls, texts, and chats 24/7 with a consistent level of quality.

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Provides answers for more than 160 leasing inquiries and is continuously learning new scenarios.

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Encourages prospects to set a tour appointment and collects their guest card information with ease.

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Uses natural language processing to understand prospects without the need of predetermined chat buttons or menus.

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Cost Effective

A modern approach suited to the expectations of renters today and an effective alternative to costly call centers.

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