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Save time with Rent Manager – an all-in-one solution to make life easier for you and your association.

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    Architectural Requests

    Rent Manager makes it easy for homeowners to submit modification requests to your community for approval. Once voting bodies are established, homeowners can submit requests through their online portal, which can be approved or denied by your association’s voting members—keeping all interested parties informed and updated on the status of each request.

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    Accounting & Community Financials

    Use our software to keep all of your accounting and financial needs secure and in check. Our customizable system allows you to manage your finances to provide an accurate, in-depth view.

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    Use Rent Manager’s Violations functionality to stay in compliance with your community’s CC&R’s. Use the rmAppsuite Pro mobile app to capture violations while out in the field, which sync back to your Rent Manager database. Set stages for violations and create workflows for escalating violations.

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    Conducting inspections and managing maintenance for your community is straightforward with Rent Manager. Using the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app, you conduct home inspections, complete maintenance requests, and more directly from your mobile device.

Board/Committee Members

Create and manage board and committee members with ease. Define important criteria such as term limits, voting rights, and committee status. Streamline approval processes on architectural requests by keeping your board members and homeowners in close contact with one another.
Online Portals
The homeowner portal enables homeowners and board members to easily communicate back and forth with property managers regarding outstanding charges, violations, architectural requests, and more.
Architectural Request Approvals
Rent Manager allows board members to review and approve all architectural requests submitted through the software. Automated notifications can also be created in the program to inform board members when requests are up for approval.
Online Voting
Once homeowners submit their architectural requests, it’s time for board members to vote, which is a simple process through Rent Manager. After a request is submitted, board members can log into the homeowner portal to cast their vote.
Financial Reporting
Board members can use Rent Manager’s reporting options to view specific financial reports tailored to property management. This data empowers members to make informed decisions on behalf of their community.


Provide a better homeowner experience with Rent Manager’s powerful features.
Online Payments
Let homeowners feel confident and secure as they make payments to your community through our software. Features such as ePay enable them to process online payments in real time.
Signing forms can be tedious for prospects. Let Rent Manager make the process simpler by using the e-Signature feature for any documents they need to sign for your association.
Community Calendars
Planning community events is significantly easier with Rent Manager’s Community Calendar. The Community Calendar can help you organize and share your events with homeowners, ensuring clear, effective communication for any occasion.
Reservable Amenities
Give homeowners in your community the opportunity to reserve amenities in one central location using the Reservable Amenities feature in Rent Manager. This resource allows you to create an internal calendar for all reservations, keeping you and your members on track.

Ideal for association portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient community association operation.