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Trudi® is an AI-powered virtual property assistant that seamlessly integrates into Rent Manager, providing a more-innovative way for your team to manage all inquiries and workflows through the Trudi Portal. Trudi is also an extension of your team via a mobile app customized with your branding for residents and owners. Designed by industry experts and trained on real data, Trudi allows complex inquiries to be answered instantly without any human involvement, thereby significantly reducing costs.

AI-Powered Property Management, For Productivity Gains With Rent Manager

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2,000,000+ Automated Inquiries

Your residents and owners will be able to self-serve the information they need across multiple communication channels, with instant replies, but without human involvement.

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Multi-Channel Platform

The Trudi Portal for property managers brings together audio and video calls with transcription, along with email and messaging via the Trudi resident/owner mobile app.

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85% Inquiries Answered

Using AI-powered smarts to correctly identify who has messaged and what they want, Trudi saves you hours each day and handles after-hours inquiries.

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