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Rent Recovery Solutions (RRS) is a nationwide agency, dedicated to the recovery of rent-related debt. Their founding principle is one of fairness and respect to their clients and the former resident. RRS’ advanced online system proves their transparency and provides their clients with the tools they need to maximize their liquidations.

Seamless Placement Of All Documents Required To Begin The Collections Process

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Respectful Recovery

Our unique approach to collections allows us to maximize returns while protecting our clients’ reputations.

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Full Transparency

We provide full access through our online dashboard for each and every attempt we make on your behalf.

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100% of the files we received are rent-related debts.

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Onboarding Team

We have dedicated staff working to ensure a seamless setup and functionality within Rent Manager.

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Industry Experience

RRS was built around the unique needs of property management and our team has decades of experience in the industry.

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Account Review Team

We conduct periodic account reviews at regular intervals to improve our clients’ bottom lines.

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Rent Recovery Solutions Logo
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Kymberlea Michenfelder
Sherman & Hemstreet Real Estate Company
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We integrated because our current service didn’t offer online services and were unreliable. Once we confirmed RRS could integrate with Rent Manager, the entire process was seamless. We have collected more money through RRS than any other agency.
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