Colleen AI comprehensively manages real estate operations, optimizing rent collection, minimizing costs, scheduling tours, and streamlining lease renewals. From addressing prospects’ inquiries and scheduling tours to sending reminders and facilitating the rent collection process, Colleen ensures a smooth resident journey. She also oversees the lease renewal process and communicates post-residency to collect any outstanding balances after move-out.

Elevate Your NOI With Colleen AI

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Boost Revenue

Efficient rent, post-move out collection, and lease renewals.

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Enhance Tracking And Insights

Comprehensive communication logs, detailed reports, and analytics for well-informed decision-making.

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Increase Capacity

Available 24/7, Colleen manages multiple one-on-one conversations simultaneously.

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Text, Email And Voice

Reaching prospects and residents wherever they are.

Ensure Seamless Integration

A partnered provider with Rent Manager, utilizing real-time data.

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Customizable Solutions

Fitting the unique needs of each community, catering to MF, SFR, Affordable, Student Housing and “Senior Living”.

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