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Rookwood Properties is a diversified developer, owner, and manager of residential and commercial properties. Rent Manager supports the company’s mission to innovate, invest, and improve their properties and assets for continued growth. The software offers the agility and customization features needed to make the Rookwood team’s work lives easier. The ability to track all information across properties is particularly invaluable. Hear why Chrissie Valdini, Development and Project Manager, says “Without the customer service that comes with using Rent Manager, I’m not sure we’d be able to provide our current level of service to our tenants and residents.”

CAM Reconciliation icon

CAM Recovery

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Reconciliation enables you to successfully reconcile your expenses. Using Rent Manager’s CAM Reconciliation feature, you can compare the total amount of commercial recoverable expenses (CRE) incurred by selected properties to the total amount of CRE charges posted to tenants of those properties over a select period. You can also establish the pro-rata share each tenant is responsible for via the software’s built-in calculations.


Adaptable Lease Management

Adaptable Lease Management lets you track changes made to your commercial leases. This convenient feature allows leases to be added, edited, renewed, deleted, or exported from Rent Manager—saving you significant time and effort.


Manage the accounts receivable process for your commercial properties with confidence—add charges, receive payments, make deposits, and more—all within Rent Manager.
Streamline your accounts payable cycle by using the program to track and manage the bills you receive for your properties. Rent Manager enables you to track vendors; create and pay bills; and write and print checks quickly and efficiently.
Plan your finances with precision using Rent Manager’s budgeting features. Measure income and track expenses within the program to help you stay on target and reach your goals.
Our forecasting models empower you to make sound decisions on the future of your business. Create multiple models to project income and expenses so you can plan for what’s next and be better prepared for the unexpected.


Rent Manager is a fully customizable software, designed to fit your company’s specific needs.

  • Reports Rental Info icon

    Rent Manager delivers a variety of commercial-specific reports—such as Commercial Rent Roll and Retail Sales—to streamline the reporting process. Craft your own reports using the Report Writer feature, or our Professional Services team can build reports for you based on your unique requirements.

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    Advanced API

    Rent Manager’s web application programming interface (API) enables you to custom-fit the program to meet your specific commercial-management needs. Access your data to integrate external software solutions, develop custom applications, and completely customize your software experience.

  • User Defined Fields icon
    User Defined Fields

    Create User Defined Fields (UDFs) to capture any information that’s not already tracked by the program. Include any data that’s important to your business—insurance policy renewals, multiple lease locations, CAM reconciliation dates, and more. The sky’s the limit with Rent Manager UDFs.

  • Custom Tabs icon
    Custom Tabs

    Maintain complete control over your Rent Manager database—and how users interact with your data—with Custom Tabs. Control what information users see, and rearrange, edit, or remove tabs at your leisure. You can create Custom Tabs from scratch, or use a System Template Tab as a starting point.


Track Assets
Track all your commercial assets with Rent Manager’s Assets feature. Stay on top of property maintenance, warranties, depreciation, expenses, and more.
Inspections & Violations
Use the rmAppSuite Pro app when you’re in the field to conduct property inspections and track violations directly from your iOS™ or Android™ mobile device.
Scheduling and Management
Rent Manager’s completely customizable project-management tools promote effective scheduling and focused workflow management practices. Improve the handling of everyday tasks, high-level projects, and everything in between.
Integrated Billing
Simplify your payables and receivables processes with Rent Manager’s integrated billing capabilities. These built-in resources enable you to charge back expenses to tenants, and if needed, add a markup amount to each cost.

Ideal for commercial portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient real estate management business.